Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elevating into Summer!

 Sun Worshipers,

Your god has finally returned!  Not me!  The warm glowing ball in the sky that warms your way as you blaze fashion trails anew.  Summer's here, fashion fans!  Rejoice!

Elevations has thawed out, and been very active since we last updated you.  In April, Sean Jones and I attended the Sharp Magazine Book For Men Launch Party at The Design Exchange.  It was an amazing night filled with beautiful people and a beautiful car!  It was a star-studded event with great local talent such as JRDN, and some of the TFC squad. Check out the pics.
The new BMW i8

RnB Singer JRDN and I

Me with Donna Lauren LeChat - stylist extraordinaire and friend of Sean Jones

Sean posin' it up with some beautiful ladies.

I had to get in on the action!

In May, my new partner-in-crime Sean Jones asked Elevations to collaborate on his upcoming album art.  Elevations immediately jumped into action and prepared the story board and treatment in order to capture Sean's vision of what this new project meant to him.  I can't share the amazing photos with you yet, but here's a shot of Sean and I on location at Mankind Grooming Studios at call time for the first location shoot.  Trust me, these pics will be epic and will be the perfect re-introduction for Mr. Jones' new sound.  Can't wait for this album!  I've heard some of the tracks, and this sound will move you.
Sean with his new cool coach!

In June, Sean and I returned to Mankind Grooming Studios for their Modern Man 'X' Mankind VIP Event.  It was a night to celebrate the distinguished gentlemen of Toronto, those chosen few who elect to give-a-damn about how they leave their humble abodes, and the women who appreciate their efforts.  Elevations was representing their new association with the latest in men's fashion accessory companies, LD West!  As you can see, those aren't guns I'm toting (unless you're looking at my arms!), that's my wallet and cellphone in a sexy holster.  I hate having bulky pants pants pockets!  This holster keeps my lines clean while accentuating my upper body.  Guys... you need to pick one of these up!  Get@me and I'll hook you up!

Sean advising the ladies on how to make his perfect rum and coke.

Sean, Anka (owner of Mankind Grooming), and myself (with my LD West holster)

Me, and some new friends.

Sean, Anne Zahan, and I.

Stay tuned!  Elevations will keep it moving so that you will always be...ELEVATED!

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