Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Beginning of a Lifetime of Love - Elevated!

Elevations' Love Letter to Love

Elevations is always honoured and humbled to be asked to help introduce new couples to the world as they prepare for their unions and endeavour to show the world the visual encapsulation of their over-abundant love for each other.  Through these pics, you can feel the essence of the love between each couple and the excitement in their eyes as they prepare to traverse their lifelong journey together.

For those of you who have experienced this, you know that capturing these moments is always a wondrous and magical thing.  Being a part of these moments, at times, inspires our best work.  We understand that these pictures will be shared with friends and families and all of those who support the love reflected in these images for the lifetime of that couple and beyond.  We understand that their children, and grandchildren will look to these images to help define their idea of what the perfect love looks like. This is the magic that Elevations attempts to brighten with the adornments that best display each individual's personality, but still reflect on the fact that they will be walking together and will always compliment each other as they walk hand in hand.

Please, bear witness to the beginnings of a few lifetimes together that we had the good fortune to Elevate!

 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Kalwaney
The Engagement:

The Big Day!:

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Zahid Kassam
 The Engagement:

The Big Day!:

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Dalvir Bhari

Congratulations to all of you and all of the best as you build your lives together!
Can't wait to style the new baby photo shoots!

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