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Elevations Style Review & Discount For You: LD West Elevates Your Cool

What's going on Trendsetters,

For those of you who have made sure to follow @elevationsinstyle on Insta already know how I feel about this game changer!  That's right, The Original LD West Holster is the new look that they're not ready for... but you are, because you know that sometimes, you've got to be a leader and let the rest follow you.

I discovered these guys in the spring of 2014 and knew they had a bright future with this product, so I made the effort to get to know them.  These cats started their vision in Mississauga, Ontario and have taken it worldwide since then.  Now, Elevations has gotten on board as a distributor, because we believe in this product and believe that our followers, the Elevators of Society, need to have one (or two or three as they come in multiple colours).  After you read the below... get@me for yours.

@elevationsinstyle on Instagram
 Now, men, one of our challenges as a species is that we are a little slow to paradigm shifts.  We tend to stay traditional and lean towards the classics.  For some reason, we're afraid to let in and attach to the unfamiliar, even when it could be viewed as an evolution.  So let me help you guys accept this future, because with or without you, it's going to happen anyway.  Do you want to be on the back end of that wave, or on the crest where the real action is?

Ladies, I know you're natural trend setters and risk takers, so this is for you too...

Holster:  The Original LD West Holster (cognac); Hat: New Era; Glasses: Banana Republic; Boots: Elia Maurizi; Beads and ring: Stylists Own; ID Bracelet: Born Rebellion: Watch: Michael Kors; Necklace: Swarovski; iPhone 5 leather cell case: J. Crew
Here are five reasons why you should add this accessory to your collection.

1.  Hey, is that a fat wallet or cell phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
I don't know about you, but me and my compatriots have stopped wearing super baggy pants (going on about 10 years now... if you still are wearing them... catch up OR you shouldn't be reading this blog).  Right now it's about slim to skinny fits which don't leave a lot of room for pocket play.  Clean lines are what is expected of a gentleman.  The Original LD West Holster gives you another option that will remove the bulk from your pants pockets and put them in another discrete place that previously would not have been an option.

@elevationsinstyle on Instagram

2.  Up Your Suit Game
A suit is a suit.  Gents, we don't have a lot of latitude when it comes to suiting.  Variations in colour, fabrication, textile, and fit are all we have to work with, because a suit still needs to hold classic, traditional lines.  So we accessorize to add our own personal touch to our look, whether it be a pocket square, lapel pin, or tie bar, we look to distinguish ourselves from the pack.  Here's a new accessory that ups that game to another level.

@elevationsinstyle on Instagram

3.  Downsize and Simplify
We tend to want to bring everything with us.  Most men (and women) carry way too much in their wallets.  The Original LD West Holster wallet forces you to reduce your card load and minimize your bill fold.  There is room for a few coins, but at this point, your change should really live in your barista's tip jar.

Holster: The Original LD West Holster (Brown); Phone: iPhone 6; Flower lapel pin and burgundy bracelet: Stylist's own; Linen pocket square: H&M; Shoes: Aldo; Black bracelet: Esency; Tie: J. Crew; Tie bar: Hudson's Bay; Watch: Daniel Wellington
4.  Casual Cool
This look is completely adjustable to every body shape and looks good with a button down dress shirt and suiting pants, or a deep-v and your favourite pair of dirty denim.  That goes for the ladies too.

@curmor and @elevationsinstyle on Instagram

5.  Vacation
I just had a friend get back from vacation in Europe.  I asked how it was.  He said it was great except that he got pick-pocketed the first day and his phone was stolen.  The guy pushed the phone up out of his pants pocket, grabbed it and ran.  I couldn't help but think how that theft would've failed with this holster.  I know that I'm taking mine on my next vacation.

Like Reading Rainbow's Levar Burton always used to say, "But don't just take my word for it!"  Here are some comments from some of Elevations' Elite:

"Everywhere I go, I get compliments when I rock my holster.  Not only is it incredibly convenient (keeping my phone and wallet out of my pockets), but it is incredibly stylish.  Skinny jeans or not, the look is slim.  Sleek.  Plus when its on, I always know where my phone is… keeps me more organized, and for a man of action, like myself, that is paramount."
- Curtis Morgan - actor & entertainment blogger

@elevationsinstyle on Instagram
"It's an accessory that has transformed my simple outfit into one that has set me apart from everyone else.  That's what a great accessory is supposed to do." 
- Dalvir Bhari - Bank Manager (centre)

@elevationsinstyle on Instagram
"I love my holster! Everything is right there within reach, no clutter and the best part of all, leaves me free to dance all night long!" 
- Gabrielle Lasporte - Gxcentrik Design

You in the 6?  Want one?  Want a discount?  Follow @elevationsinstyle on Instagram.  Email me @ elevationsinstyle@gmail.com or call me @ 416-433-9031.  

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