Sunday, October 16, 2011

Elevations in 2011 (Part 4)

Elevations @ The Junos!...
Elevations hit the red carpet earlier this year at the Junos... well, Chris himself wasn't there, but Elevations was represented. We got the opportunity and privilege to style Silver (formerly known as Solitair), one of Toronto's most underrated artists. Recently Silver has moved away from his signature hip hop sound to explore different avenues of musicology by showcasing his vocal talents and refocusing his creative energy. The result is some refreshingly new music that goes further to define Silver as an "artist" rather than just a rapper. Keep your eye on this guy, his trajectory will place him on your radio stations and TV, and you want to make sure that when he does show up there, that you let your friends know that he must be good... Elevations styled him!

Silver was looking for a distinguished throw back with a dark touch of victorian opulence.  We managed to achieve a look that he felt captured the direction that he is taking his music in with a touch of urban vampire.

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