Monday, October 17, 2011

Style Makeover - Before & After (Episode 1)

Featured Elevated Client - Josephine C.

Meet Josephine.
A mild-mannered young banking professional who has more than mild-mannered aspirations, and found the motivation and courage to explore them.  You see, underneath that seemingly safe, reserved persona that feels much more at home in front of a computer screen than under the spotlight, is a courageous young woman who has decided to pursue one of her dreams and try her hand at modelling and acting!  Josephine took her first steps of coming out of her shell by contacting Elevations to help her define her new image, one that would Elevate her above the mundane and above the casual/comfortable perception that she has shared with the world for all of these years.   She put herself in the capable hands of Elevations lead stylist, Chris, and together they carved out many new options that Josephine herself would not have thought that she could "rock" with any confidence, and would show her versatility on screen.  Chris not only offered clothing options, but he also helped her understand the finer points of the industry that she was about to conquer, and emphasized the importance of not losing herself in her attire, but to use her attire to amplify her persona so that it is still all of her that comes across on film, as well as when she's walking down the street.  You hear a lot about "swagger" these days, well, Josephine's swag game is about to launch into the stratosphere! 

See for yourself.  Check out Josephine before (safe and young looking):

Now, an Elevated Josephine (Ms. Jo, if you nasty!):   

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